Is atenolol a diuretic?

Is atenolol a diuretic? Whether the drug Atenolol can give diuretic effect on the body? Before you find the answer helps you understand about use drug Atenolol.

Giving Atenolol
Atenolol is a drug used to treat angina or wind sits, heart rhythm problems, and hypertension. The way these drugs work is slowed activity of the heart. As a result, the heart will work more quietly with less power. This allows a reduction of pressure in the blood vessels for patients with hypertension or high blood pressure. Whereas for patients with angina useful to relieve chest pain due to a decrease in the burden on the heart.

Atenolol can be taken alone or in combination with other drugs, such as diuretics chlortalidone inhibitors or calcium.

• For pregnant women and breastfeeding is not advisable to consume this drug.
• Before taking any other medications, make sure the drug is suitable to be consumed together with atenolol.
• Please be careful in taking atenolol if you have symptoms of low blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, psoriasis, tumor in the adrenal gland, Prinzmetal's angina, myasthenia gravis, and kidney disorders.
• If an allergic reaction and overdose, call your doctor immediately.

Atenolol Eating Right
Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging and follow the rules of the physician. Do not change the dose or stop taking this medication without instructions from your doctor. See your doctor regularly to address the effectiveness of these drugs in your condition can be monitored.

During the treatment period, to live a healthy diet, and do not consume liquor and smoking.

Before undergoing any medical procedure, tell the doctor who performed the surgery or treatment if you are taking atenolol.
For patients who forget to take atenolol, it is advisable to eat them as soon as remembered if the following dosage schedule is not too close. Do not double the next dose of atenolol on schedule to replace the missed dose.

Recognize Atenolol Side Effects and Hazards
Here is a common side effect of atenolol and potentially happen:
• Dizziness and feels faint when suddenly moved up from lying or sitting position.
• Fingers or toes feel cold.
• Pain or discomfort in the chest area.
• Feel tired.
See a doctor if you experience symptoms of excessive side effects or sustainable.

Is atenolol a diuretic?
Atenolol is a drug called a beta-blocker. Beta-blockers affect the heart and circulation (blood flow through arteries and veins). Atenolol is not diuretics

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