Is caffeine a diuretic?

Is caffeine a diuretic?
Diuretics are substances that can increase blood flow to the kidneys, and the effect is increased production of urine. Mentioned drinking coffee or tea can cause a person to become dehydrated because of its caffeine content which has a diuretic effect.

'' If you are regularly used to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea per day, then you can be sure that the amount of caffeine they contain will not cause you to lose more fluid, '' said dietitian and a spokesman Dietitians Association of Australia, Lisa Renn.

There is evidence that caffeine in a higher number acts as a diuretic in some people, but not excessive consumption is not too noticeable diuretic effect. A study in Britain involving the coffee drinkers have recently said there was no difference in the degree of hydration among those who drank four cups (each measuring 200 ml) of coffee a day, compared to those who drank plain water in the same amount.

Researchers prove it by measuring urine output respondents over a period of 24 hours and another hydration markers in their blood after drinking coffee and water. It is concluded that coffee consumption in moderation effect of hydration is not much different with the use of water. Although this study focused more on coffee intake, the same thing also applies to those who drank tea. The reason, tea contains caffeine in amounts similar to coffee.

One of the reasons why the beverages containing caffeine such as coffee, tea, chocolate and energy drinks touted give an adverse effect on dehydration is because caffeine can have a diuretic effect when consumed in large doses (more than 500 mg). However, the amount of caffeine you get in a cup of coffee or tea does not mean necessarily give a dehydrating effect and affect your daily fluid status overall.

'' If you drink more than four cups of coffee or tea a day, you can probably get the diuretic effect. But if the intake is less than that amount, then from the point of dehydration you'll be okay, '' said Renn

Is caffeine a diuretic? After the above explanation proved that caffeine is a diuretic.

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