is coffee a diuretic or laxative?

Coffee is one of the favorite drinks of all people, including women, youth especially the elderly. It is not a little of most of those who can not start the day-to-day if you do not drink coffee first, though only a mouthful of goods.

But some people complain that they are often to the toilet to urinate even suffer from diarrhea after drinking coffee. Why does this happen? Is it true that coffee is a diuretic or laxative? Here's the explanation:

Compounds Caffeine in Coffee
a. Nature and Caffeine Chemical Structure
Caffeine is a chemical compound that is widely available in drinks such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and foods such as chocolate. Caffeine is an alkaloid chemical compound with the formula C8H10N4O2 and wakes 1,3,7- trimethyl xanthine formula (Saputra. E., 2008). Caffeine long white crystals shaped like silk and had a bitter taste. According to Bhara L.A.M. caffeine serves as an element of flavor and aroma. The caffeine is influenced by the site and how the presentation of the coffee.

b. Mechanism of Caffeine on the Body
The coffee that enters the body will be distributed throughout the body by the bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract in about 5-15 minutes. Caffeine absorption in the digestive tract reaching levels of 99% and will reach the peak in the bloodstream within 45-60 minutes. Caffeine is very effective work in the body thereby providing an assortment of effects to the body.

Is coffee a diuretic?
One of them diuretic effect, early coffee drinkers will experience a diuretic effect. The diuretic effect will be reduced in habitual coffee drinkers who consumed several cups of coffee a day. Caffeine can reduce the re-absorption of calcium in the kidneys so that calcium out with urine. One cup of coffee causes the release of 6 mg of calcium in the urine.

Is coffee a laxative?
The acidic nature of coffee also causes an increase in bile acid production in the body, said DePaolo. The liver produces bile acids in the body is stored in the gall bladder. Coffee can make gallbladder releases bile acids for digestion, diarrhea appeared.
This is because the caffeine found in coffee also turned out to be a laxative in some people more sensitive. This means that the chemical content of coffee can make colon muscle to contract. It is a contraction or movement the same as after we eat.

Excessive caffeine consumption resulting in dizziness, sleep disturbances and increased secretion of gastric acid in the compound for caffeine.

Is coffee a diuretic or laxative? From the above explanation proved that coffee is a drink which is a diuretic and also laxative for some people.

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