Is cucumber a diuretic?

Fruit is in Latin named Cucumis sativus frequently encountered in every dish, especially fresh vegetables, salad, or pickled. Cucumber has water content is high enough to serve to soothe.

Pieces of cucumber are also often used to help moisturize the face and is believed to reduce high blood pressure. However, to learn more about nutrition and health benefits contained in the cucumber, let's explore what health areas derived from the consumption of fruit belonging to the tribe's pumpkin.

Is cucumber a diuretic?
Cucumber is had diuretic properties. The content of nutrients in cucumber can greatly assist the body in maintaining health. Here are the benefits of diuretics in cucumber:

1. Skincare
Cucumber has diuretic properties, the effect of cooling and cleaning products that are beneficial to the skin. A high water content; vitamins A, B, and C; as well as minerals such as magnesium, potassium, manganese, and silica; make cucumber became an important part of skin care. Face masks containing cucumber juice is used for skin tightening. Ascorbic acid and caffeic acid are present in cucumber can reduce the level of water retention, which in turn reduces the swelling around the eyes.

2. Renal Care
Cucumber shows the benefits to help alleviate the problem of the bladder and kidneys. The water contained in the cucumber helps kidney function to launch the process of urination. In fact, a cucumber is the best natural diuretic.

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