Is garlic a diuretic?

Garlic is often known as a spice in cooking and is famous around the world. Which makes this herb popular is its ability to prevent cancer. But there are still few know that plant tubers can also be used as diuretics.

But unfortunately, sometimes its pungent aroma making plants are not widely consumed directly, but only as a spice, so that only a small amount of garlic consumed.

Almost all natural ingredients have properties of each body. Likewise with garlic, but before switching on the topic of the usefulness of garlic as a diuretic, it helps us to know the nutrient content draws in garlic.

The content of nutrients in garlic:
Garlic is one of those herbs that have a nutrient content is excellent and needed by the body. Garlic is very high in vitamin C and calcium and iron.

Here is a summary of the nutrients provided by garlic per 136 Gr Garlic:
- Vitamin C; Meets 71% of daily needs
- Calcium; Meets 25% of daily needs
- Iron; Meets 13% of daily needs
- Carbohydrates (45 g); 15% of daily needs
- Fiber (3 g); meets 11% of daily needs.

The nutrients contained in the content of garlic is very beneficial to the human body, however, uniquely it does not contain substances or nutrients that may be harmful to the body if too much like saturated fat and calories.

These herbs can certainly help support the health of the body and makes us free of dangerous diseases.

Is garlic a diuretic?
Garlic has strong detoxifying properties, due to the presence of mustard oil in it. Garlic can break down and shed fat. This spice is a natural diuretic remarkable.

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