Is coconut water a diuretic

Is coconut water a diuretic, this question often arises after you drink coconut water and experiencing frequent urination.

Keep in mind that coconut water is the drink that is not only refreshing, but also a drink that helps you in keeping your body to stay hydrated and keep it fresh. There are many benefits associated with refreshing drinks and natural. This is evidenced by the worldwide consumption and can be used directly or mixed with other drinks.

Coconut water has a nutrient and electrolyte balance, just like blood. That's why people who work hard or people - people who spend a lot of sweat while working, should drink plenty of coconut water to maintain ion balance in the body. Benefits of Coconut water is known to replace minerals and fluids lost during physical activity a person does.

In fact, coconut water does contain many different substances from the water contained in other fruits. Young coconut water proved to be very helpful. Coconut water contains cytokinin is believed to be an anti-aging ingredients and anti-cancer, a source of natural electrolyte sterile, and contain potassium, chlorine, and chlorine is high. In addition, coconut water also contains protein, less fat, minerals, carbohydrates, and various vitamins (C and B complex).

And plasma electrolyte balance in the coconut water in several studies described is similar to blood. Thus, consuming coconut water after exercise will greatly help to replenish lost body fluids. Coconut water is also often used to treat dehydration caused by dysentery, cholera and diarrhea.

Coconut water is good for your kidneys because they contain a diuretic. Diuretics are a condition, the nature or cause of the rise in the rate of urinase. Diuretics are drugs that can increase the speed of formation of urine. Diuresis term has two meanings, the first refers to the addition of the volume of urine produced and the second shows the amount of expenditure (loss) solutes and water. The main function of diuretics is to mobilize the edema fluid, which means changing the balance of fluids such that the extracellular fluid volume returned to normal.

so, it was clear that coconut water is a diuretic.

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