is cranberry juice a diuretic ?

is cranberry juice a diuretic - Cranberry is one type of berry fruit. The shape is similar to blueberries, but if the blueberries blue, dark red cranberries. Cranberry plants found in many regions of Europe and America. Cranberry itself is one kind of shrub.

Cranberries are often consumed in various forms such as juices, sweets, or directly in the form of fruit.
Consuming cranberries directly or by way of juice is the best way for a variety of nutrients contained in cranberries has not been damaged.

Cranberry Fruit Nutritional content:
Contains many nutrients in them Vitamin A, Vitamin B Carotene, Vitamin C, Low Calorie, Lutein, Folate, Potassium, and Magnesium makes this fruit has many benefits - benefits to our body.

Not only for the body but in New York, this fruit material can be material to make clothing also clothing such as jackets and scarves.

is cranberry juice a diuretic?
Cranberry is a fruit that is a diuretic. In the form of juice, cranberry will be more concentrated and has a more powerful effect.

As a diuretic, cranberry juice is used to treat infections of the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract.

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